The SORRY tale of a 4 year old boy with the looks of an old man..

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Bayezid Hossain, A 4 year old boy from Bangladesh suffers from a premature ageing condition called progeria. The curious Disease ages the body by eight times normal rate. Continue reading


Paul Pogba completes a STUNNING £100 million transfer to Manchester..

Mercurian French midfielder Paul Pogba’s has sensationally completed a protracted return to Manchester United after reaching a £100 million deal

It is believed that Pogba had a medical in Los Angeles after his recent holiday in Florida before signing a five-year contract worth £290,000 a week.

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The deal sees him become the most expensive footballer in the world, and smashes the £86m payed for Gareth Bale.

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Exciting times for Manchester United Fans.

A lesson from a RESILIENT tree.

This unusual tree is located on an eroded, partially caved in cliff on Kalaloch beach, within Olympic National Park in Washington, the Tree of Life is stubbornly hanging on to the eroding soil with just a few of its roots. Some call it magical, others immortal, I just call it resilient.  Continue reading

An Inspiring story of a man who became a top bicycle repairman after losing nine fingers and both Legs.

23 years ago, Yue Jin lost both his legs and nine of his fingers in a freak accident. He thought his life was over, but somehow found the strength to start over and today he is one of the most sought-after bicycle repairmen in Jilin City, northern China.

In 1993, while he was cutting firewood in the mountains of Jilin province, Yue Jin accidentally fell into a deep valley and almost died. His injuries were so severe that doctors had to amputate both his legs and all but one of his ten fingers. For a man who made his living with his hands, it was almost a death sentence. And it was even more devastating considering Yue had also lost his wife just three days after childbirth, leaving him to take care of their daughter. After the accident, he couldn’t see any other way to do that than go out and beg for a few coins and some food, so he left his daughter in the care of some neighbors and ventured out on to the streets.


       For a man who used to work for a living, having to rely on the mercy of strangers was Continue reading

‘This country IS great’: Michelle Obama stole the show in the Democratic National Convention yesterday.


‘Because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States’.
                                                                                                          Michelle Obama 


Delegates hoisting placards with the name ‘Michelle’ emblazoned on them in the air.


Acknowledging cheers from  overjoyed delegates.


‘We explain when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is, when they go low, we go high’.
                                                                                                     Michelle Obama 


‘Couldn’t be more proud’: President Obama’s tweet supporting his wife Michelle after she stole the show at the Democratic Convention.

Mr Scotland bodybuilding champion stabbed to death after lover’s ex challenged him to a showdown after a Facebook rant.

A bodybuilder who won this year’s Mr Scotland title was yesterday stabbed to death in broad daylight at an industrial park in Scotland!

Michael O’Hanlon, 45, was stabbed to death hours after his ex’s partner Eileen Kirkwood, 54, posted an angry rant on Facebook challenging him to a showdown.




May his soul rest in peace.