One of the greatest challenges people face is finding purpose. I have spoken to countless number of persons in life’s journey and they all ask me same question, ‘Ezera how can I find purpose’?

Friends, purpose has nothing to do with your gift or talent. You can be gifted yet limited.
Purpose has nothing to do with your certifications or job experiences, your background or nationality.
Purpose is simply your business here on earth. The reason God still wakes you up every morning. The reason your family and friends haven’t been to your funeral.

Without purpose in your life you are simply having a human experience. Enjoying every bit of being a human.

Little wonder a life without purpose is like a car without a steering. It simply takes you nowhere!
It makes you gifted but limitless. Talented but useless.

The clock ticks in anticipation you fulfill purpose. Time is God’s invitation to manifest what He has put inside of you.
As the clock never stops, so opportunities to redeem lost seasons.

Opportunities doesn’t come but once. Every second you live avails opportunity. You only need to see, and that’s where vision comes in.Vision is simply translating your purpose into a picture.

Most importantly, what drives a man towards purpose is vision.
Who gives visions? God. God makes our purpose put us under pressure. It makes us busy, restless, worried until fulfillment is reached.

Above all, nothing can compensate ignorance of Gods purpose in your life.
It’s your duty to find PURPOSE while the clock ticks.

Stay Lifted.


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  1. Deep one. *It’s indeed my duty to find my purpose while the clock ticks*… I’m inspired

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