An officer stabbed and four others injured as riot breaks out between youths chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the police.

A police officer was stabbed and four other PCs were injured after a water fight in central park London spiralled out of control. Reports say at least three members of the public were also injured last night, with reports indicating at least one was stabbed in the chest, as police tried to disperse a huge water fight in Hyde Park during which rioters chanted ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Black 8

Black 6

Black 1

Black 7.jpg

Commander BJ Harrington, speaking about the policing operation last night, said: ‘Our officers took action to step in and protect the public and themselves after the crowd attempted to set up a sound system.

Black 5

Medics on standby

Black 2

Officers on ground to check the chaos

Black 4

He also said, ‘What took place wasn’t a group of people out enjoying the sunshine, but crime and disorder which is quite simply unacceptable’.


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