Bride-to-be suffers with a chronic disorder.

Miss Page 36, from New Jersey and a bride-to-be is suffering  with a chronic disorder called Lipoedema, which causes fatty tissue to accumulate in mass around the lower body. This has seen her legs grow 4 feet wide!

Leg 3

In her words, ‘The swelling was at one point so bad that my ankles would be literally hanging all the way over my foot. My biggest fear is becoming immobile because once I can’t move, I know this disease will progress and I could lose my life.’Leg II

Miss Kate further added,’I’m smart, I’m educated, I can cook and I’m a good catch! You’d be a fool not to want me,’.

‘I’m engaged and we’re going to get married soon. And to be honest with you, he loves me anyway, but I just want to look my best.’ She said.

You have no excuse not to be Happy or motivated.

A wonderful lesson for all of us. Having the right mindset would see you through challenges!



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