A lesson from a RESILIENT tree.

This unusual tree is located on an eroded, partially caved in cliff on Kalaloch beach, within Olympic National Park in Washington, the Tree of Life is stubbornly hanging on to the eroding soil with just a few of its roots. Some call it magical, others immortal, I just call it resilient. 


The roots in the middle are exposed and spread out, making it look like the tree is hanging on for dear life. And what’s truly surprising is that it has managed to survive this way for years, sprouting fresh green leaves despite its roots having very little contact with soil. It hasn’t toppled over, not even during the worst of storms that regularly hit the coast. While many other healthy trees in the area have succumbed to the unpredictable weather, the Tree of Life manages to survive, year after year.

Dear friends, we all hang onto the thread of life at one point or the other. Life wont always give you what you want, but then quitting should never be an option. Circumstances would break you, bend you, make you question everything, but your resilience should never be in question.


#   REASSESS THE SITUATION YOU FIND YOURSELF. When you are in a difficult time, you should remember: why you got to that place in the first place. Be honest and evaluate your role in all of it.


One thought on “A lesson from a RESILIENT tree.

  1. Well said Ezera,
    Resilience is key…
    Well done!

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