Feeling Under-appreciated ?

Memory 2
Ever tried understanding  why we remember moments of pain and hurt than moments of happiness and bliss? Ever wondered why bad news spreads faster and stay indelible in our minds than good news?

 Pondered why people forget your selflessness, yet remember your mistakes?
The truth of the matter is, not everyone will be grateful for the favours you show them. YES! Not everyone will remember you helped them, but will remember when you didn’t.
Some go as far as keeping accurate records of the venue, time, place and even the clothes and shoes you wore for benefit of doubt. Humans!
I have wondered why people forget years of good deeds just by one act of wrong? Could man be suffering from ‘short memory syndrome’?
Sadly, some people tend to remember only the pains and never the pleasures you made them feel. Could a day of hurt wipe out the memories of goodness?
The good news is, people will judge you. Forget the years you sacrificed for them, its how people are wired. That’s why we are humans after all.
Are you out there feeling under appreciated? Always remember your kindness is never wasted, it’s stored up somewhere waiting for you to be compensated.
Did your partner leave you for another after years of investment, or do you feel undervalued in your place of work? There is always a day of reward. Sooner or later you would cash in.Good deeds never go unrewarded. I am a testimony to that.
Just like how karma catches up with bad people, goodness catches even faster and is long lasting.
So friend be encouraged, don’t feel bad, good people never loose, they might be shortchanged now but not forever.
Live your life not expecting to be applauded or rewarded.

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