The SORRY tale of a 4 year old boy with the looks of an old man..

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Bayezid Hossain, A 4 year old boy from Bangladesh suffers from a premature ageing condition called progeria. The curious Disease ages the body by eight times normal rate.

Reports say Bayezid Hossain lives an isolated life, as people in the community stay away from him and children are afraid to play with him, despite him having above average intelligence.

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His distraught mum says,’He does not look like other children. He looks like an old man. As a first time mother I can’t bear the pain of seeing my child like this.’

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Sufferers from Progeria  normally die from heart attacks or strokes at an average age of 13. Bayezid also has a form of cutis laxa, a rare connective tissue disorder in which the skin hangs loosely in folds.

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The couples have been stigmatized as people fear being close to Bayezid, and even  gossip about the couple’s being first cousins.

Really sad!!!

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