With over  £1 billion splashed on transfer fees, here is a list of completed deals as at 9:30 pm. We all love transfer day deadline!

1.   Marcos Alonso.  Fiorentina to Chelsea for a £23 million fee. Alonso played for Bolton between 2010 and 2013.


2. Eliaquim Mangala. Manchester City to Valencia on loan (on loan) Continue reading


Oga Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of us.

Yesterday we were startled to the news that the number one citizen in Informational Technology visited my beloved country Nigeria. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria for the first time, where he met with local businesses and developers in an effort to understand how Facebook (FB, Tech30) could “better support tech development and entrepreneurship across Africa,” according to the company.

How can he visit the Giant of Africa without great fanfare and the vocal gymnastics associated when such visits occur in Nigeria? How can he be legally smuggled without the appearing on all national Dallies costing billions of naira to publicize his visit?


How can the 7th richest man in the world grace the Nigerian airport without the sight of long queues of ‘busy’ IT psychopaths who are supposed to be in their offices dressed in Scottish skirts graciously welcoming the IT President? Continue reading

Paralized body, Indomitable Will.

Rajinder Johar was working as a Senior Occupational Therapist at King George’s Medical College, Lucknow when an injury to his spinal chord in 1986 rendered him quadriplegic (paralysis of all four limbs).  He was shot by three men demanding money during a home invasion robbery. He was rushed to the hospital where he and his family were devastated to learn thathe would be forever paralyzed. One of the robber’s bullets had irreparably damaged his spine! That alone should have made him give up on life and die a miserable death. Did he throw the towel and curse the once beautiful life he had?
Never one to feel sorry for himself, Johar learned to type using just two fingers and a thumb and started Continue reading

Saddest goodbye?

GB 1

Came across this story of  Wolf Gottschalk, 83, and his wife Anita, 81, who have been married since 1954 and moved into care homes in Canada but cannot live together because of a lack of space in their care home in British Columbia. Despite their failing health, the couple would only see each other once every other day. Sad i must say.

After 62 years together every day, the couple have been forced to live separately for the past eight months because there are no spaces at care homes close by that can accommodate two people.

The couple got married in 1954, and after few months of wedded bliss, they decided they wanted a better life for their future children and immigrated to Surrey, British Columbia. Settling there, the couple was never separated from each other.

GB 2

Their grand daughter said, when the time comes for the couple, who hare great grandparents, to part once more, the tears begin to flow’. ‘My grandma can’t even kiss him goodnight now. He calls out her nickname, little mouse, for her when he sees her,’ Ashley said.’They cry every time they see each other, and it is heartbreaking,’ she writes in the post, calling it ‘the saddest photo I have ever taken’.


Even more heartbreaking, she captured a photo of her grandfather sitting alone while looking out the window in hopes his wife is coming, as he calls out her nickname, ‘little mouse.’

Children must learn to cater for their aged parents no matter what!

Photo credit:dailymail


People who CHANGED the world.. #1 Steve JObs

I will be taking you down an exciting lane of people who were crazy to believe they could change the world, and  guess what? They DID.

STEVE JOBS   (1955- 2011)

Born: February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California, Steven Jobs was born February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California, and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. He grew up with one sister, Patty. Paul Jobs was a machinist and fixed cars as a hobby. Jobs remembers his father as being very skilled at working with his hands. Continue reading

A Trained professional Chef who feeds only the poor.

Ever heard of a professionally trained chef who dedicates his life feeding only the poor? Only Krishnan does this. He does not do this in the swanky confines of a 5-star hotel., but in roaming the streets helping the needy.

Starting in 2002, utilizing his own personal savings, Narayanan Krishnan fed around 30 people. In 2003, he began to serve freshly-cooked meals, and has since served over 1,900,000 till date.

K4 Continue reading