Man Flies to China to Meet Online Girlfriend, Spends 10 Days in Airport Waiting for Her…


Romeo must be really proud of a 41-year-old Peter Cirk, from Holland who was recently hospitalized after spending 10 days at Changsha Airport, China, hoping to meet a Chinese girl he had met online.Convinced something was holding  his online girlfriend off, but that she would eventually arrive to meet him, Cirk decided to wait for her in the airport. Photos gone viral on Chinese social media show the Dutchman patiently waiting on one of the benches, barefoot and with his baggage by his side. TRUE LOVE? LOL

With each passing day, his hopes of meeting his Chinese sweetheart deteriorated, and so did his health. After 10 days spent in Changsha airport, Peter Cirk was exhausted and had to be hospitalized.
Man II

After this failed loved story went viral, Chinese reporters quickly track down Zhang and asked her why she didn’t show up to meet her online boyfriend.

She admitted that Cirk had told her he was coming to see her, but she thought he was only kidding. SMH………

Photo Credit: Oditty China.


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