Beautiful ladies around the world PAUSE
for a moment i beseech.
Imagine a world free of makeups
No beauty padding

No foundation that give way to sweat
paving way for facial erosion.
No push up bras
stuffing the melons of Eden
just in her natural form
confident, free and on attention.
No lipstick
eye pencils
masquerading eye lash
No Mascara,
Marykay and her numerous cousins
No lotion, soaps and what have you
that leave men in financial commotion
No pedicure, manicure and all the cures
just natures nails
growing like kids from Ikoyi
No handbagsyou get after years of payment
just the little purses our mothers used
yet our dads couldn’t concentrate
No heels, pomps and steps of Delilah
just short girls being short
and tall girls being tall
No aspiration for short girls
and intimation for tall girls
PAUSE, imagine if you would live in that world
PAUSE, imagine how richer you would have been
PAUSE, imagine if you still enjoy reading this
God made you a masterpiece
The world made you her masterspiece
Tall, short, beautiful, ugly
Be YOU, Be proud
Be a reflection of His Image.

3 thoughts on “PAUSE

  1. master piece from the boss..

  2. Pause it really lovely
    pause thinking about it seriously

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