Growing up as a normal kid during my era was fascinating. I was easily excited by events around me and didn’t waste time spending hours playing till someone was injured or night came upon us. Who could blame us when we had little to worry about. Life was a holiday!

I lived my early life knowing everyday was a new opportunity to spend hours making new friends and discovering the newest prank to unleash. Who could blame a kid as me?

I was in primary 3 when I discovered I had officially become the dullest person in class. The last position was exclusively reserved for me. There was no contest. it had to be me or me.  My teachers wondered why a boy who cut across as brilliant in class would be the poorest academically. To be fair to them, I was too playful and carefree. Primary 3 it was and I shaped my life forever.

I grew up having a dad who loved education more than he probably loved us. He knew more than we imagined a normal adult could know, little wonder he had zero tolerance for my failings.

Every result I brought back home at the end of the term or session was like defending a budget in the national assembly. He would scold, threaten and finally flog the living day out of my nightmare. He would query why my report card was always filled with red biro. Why I had to be the 57th out of a class of 58, and why my sisters were more intelligent than I was. I got worse one term I was denied meal for 2 days for coming last. I couldn’t understand why the fuss.

It is shocking to note that in the small circle of “friends” I kept, I was the dullest.

How come we played our lives out yet they were always top of the class? I began to ask questions my dad would want me to ask.  I discovered these “friends” never joked with their academics. They once infamously told me to play on, with the promise I would copy from them. Credit to them I did copy, but I copied the wrong answers they wrote on the first page, and then tore it when I had finished copying. YES!

I discovered this deceit in an exam when I saw one of my friends shredding the answers he had given me and submitting a brand new set of answers. I was stunned! In total disbelieve!! So I was deceitfully led along by people I had called my friends? I went home crying my parents a river. Then I remember making a promise to my mum that day that I would never allow people dictate my path or make me feel less of who I am. I promised her I would never be outside the top 3 of any class I find myself. Heaven answered, and the rest they say is history

This event proved my turning point, and completely changed my life. Sometimes God sets us up so we can climb up.

The truth of the matter is some of us are where we are not as a result of our failings or shortcomings, but as a result of conceding the right to define our path to someone else. We have surrendered who we are for what people would want us to be. I was a kid, but I realized early enough that the only person who can stop me is me.

Are you out there haunted by the mistakes of the past, or living someone else’s life, you can have the turning point you desire. It only takes the WILL to admit your failings and take a conscious effort to be the champion you always wanted to be. Life will never give you what you desire. You have to go all out and get what you want from life. I was a kid yes, but a single decision I made decades ago, has set my life on the right path.


Hope this inspires someone.

Yours truly

Ezera Emetu.


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