Love in the Cave..

Today i share a remarkable story of a Chinese Couple who have been living in a Cave for the Past 54 Years due to their inability to afford a proper home after getting married.


81 year-old Liang Zifu and 77-year-old Li Suying have spent their whole lives turning the cave into a cozy dwelling, which now has three bedrooms, one kitchen and a living room. The couple found the cave three years after their wedding, and since they couldn’t afford to buy a real house, decided to make it their home and start a family there. In the beginning, they shared the unusual abode with three other families, who have since moved out.


Interestingly, Liang has turned the roof into a small garden where they grow all the produce they need to survive, and set up a pigsty that provides them with fresh meat.


Here is a another reason why you should wake up being thankful for the little you have.



2 thoughts on “Love in the Cave..

  1. Nice… buh if can posrt with image

  2. Oh sorry just saw the picture lol m bad

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