Lagos State set to employ 1000 Graduates as bus CONDUCTORS.

It is shocking to report that the National President of the Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria, BCAN, Mr Israel Ade Adeshola, through the Lagos State ministry of transportation, has said it would employ 1000 graduates from different Universities as Bus Conductors.

Comrade Adeshola in a recent interview with Vanguard  disclosed that the new policy of the Lagos state government  in partnership with the association to give bus conducting profession a new look.

According to him, “presently Lagos state government through the Lagos State Drivers Institute, LASDRI is training and accrediting conductors in the state, adding that after the training the graduates would be employed as bus conductors and would be on the payroll of the government with a salary worth a whopping N50,000 per month.

According to him, “The objective is to make the job of bus conducting attractive, respected and dignified as obtainable globally”. SMH…

Hope their relatives who are graduates would be enlisted in this programme.

God save Nigerian ‘GRADUATES’.


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