The Lip Plate Tribe From Ethopia..

Few minutes ago I stumbled across a weird tradition still practiced in eastern part of Africa, Ethiopia precisely.

They practice the lip-plate, a form of body modification that’s still practiced in Africa among a few indigenous tribes, particularly in the central and southern part of the continent, as well as among some tribes.

Interestingly, an outsider may view the lip plate as a form of body mutilation rather than body art, but to a Mursi or Suri woman, it is an expression of female maturity and a sign that she has reached child-bearing age. hmmmmmmm!

The lip plate is made out of wood or clay and is also known as a lip disc or a lip plug. The term “labret” is associated with any kind of lip piercing ornament, including lip plates. Archeologists have discovered evidence of women adorned with labrets in Sudan and Ethiopia (≈8700 bc) and in various countries in South America (≈1500 bc), including coastal Ecuador (≈500 bc).

Can only imagine few of my female friends like Glorya Gabriel, Blessing Chidinma Lydia Ume, Chidera Nnadi and Taritimi practicing it.

Ladies and gentlemen, a bit of history!


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