Yoruba Girl sets her Facebook page on fire. 

A Facebook user shared a controversial a hate post today about hating boys from her tribe. 
Post and Comments are hilarious.

No chill I must say!!!  But are there really Yoruba demons? 


​Claudio Ranieri SACKED

​Claudio Ranieri has been sensationally sacked as Leicester City manager.

The brutal decision to dismiss the man who led them to arguably the greatest triumph in English football history was made after the 2-1 Champions League defeat in Seville.
Leicester city currently sit one point a over the relegation places. 

Thank you Ranieri for masterminding the greatest feat in football. 

Chinese Women Use “Graveyard Meditation” to Cope with Divorce

People respond to events differently, and some Chinese women have taken it to a whole new different level.

A group of Chinese women recently made headlines after being photographed while lying
in shallow graves on the outskirts of Chongqing City. It was revealed that they were taking part in a bizarre ritual called “graveyard meditation” which allegedly helps them cope with divorce.


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Kenya’s ‘SUPERMAN’ Vows to Deliver Water to Thirsty Drought-Stricken Wildlife Until It Rains Again

It is usually very dry in Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park, and the as expected, the animals there are struggling to find water to drink and stay alive. Rain isn’t expected to fall until November, but there is someone willing to bring water to the animals by the truckload until that happens.

In come Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua, the founder of Tsavo Volunteers, a group of animal lovers who look after the vulnerable wildlife of Tsavo National Park. Poachers are generally their biggest problem, but these days, the drought is threatening to kill even more animals . The prolonged drought has made water “a very precious commodity”, and thirsty animals sometimes have to walk long distances to find the few watering holes that haven’t dried up. Due to their scarcity, elephants often fight each other for the right to drink, which leaves the smaller, weaker ones at risk of dying. But Patrick and his team are not about to let that happen.


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Malawi Witch doctors hiring ‘hit men’ to murder Albinos before mutilating them so their organs can be used in highly expensive ‘medicines’

In a shocking revelation, Chikumbutzo Massina gazes hollow eyed across the baked and barren ground where his brother Fletcher once tended his tomato crop. Any plants that remain are withered and brown.

‘Here is the spot where I spotted Fletcher’s blood trail,’ he says, his voice devoid of emotion, as he moves further across the field.

‘And here is the ridge where I found what was left of his mutilated body.’


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Father and son both killed in head-on crash with EACH OTHER

A father and son have been killed in a head-on collision with each other in Fayette County, Alabama.

Alabama state troopers say alcohol is a factor in the crash that killed 50-year-old Jeffrey Morris Brasher and 22-year-old Austin Blaine Brasher.


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English FA Cup draw

The Oldest competition in the world enters the quarter final stages, as Lincoln City  who play in the fifth-tier of English football became the first non-league team in 103 years to reach the last eight with the biggest shock of the competition so far on Saturday.


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