Dreams from My Childhood

I would be sharing series of memories from my childhood. Memories that has helped to shape me and should inspire you. Memories I have decided to put in soon to be published book ‘Legendary Employees‘.

I use to stutter growing up as a kid. I didn’t converse like other kids. Words where aplenty but few came out. I would hit anything close by to force the words out. I knew what ridicule was from a tender age. Friends would imitate my stuttering way of speech making and make fun of me. 

On one occasion, while talking to my dad I hit him so hard to enable the words come out and I got a decent slap. Smiles. Looking back I wonder how my mum coped with the heavy taps on her body, while urging me to make a sentence.
I stuttered till a night that became a turning point. 

I had a fight with a friend and  after pulling us apart, we were asked to give account of what transpired. Being a smooth talker, he changed the narrative and turned the tide against me. I was rooted in disbelief. When it was my turn to talk to set the record straight, I stuttered till the audience burst into laughter.  I cried so bitterly I woke up screaming.
My mum came to my bedside, and after narrating what happened, she cried with me and asked God to take away the spirit of stuttering. 
That prayer saved me.

Till this day, I haven’t looked back. I string words nonstop and smile because I know of a God who made it possible. I founded Talk Factory Media to help give kids like me a voice.

Few friends believe this experience has made me a talkative. They know I am quiet but wont admit.

#ChildhoodDreams #Legendary Employees.


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