The Soldier I never Was

My dad was a distinguished soldier who fought in the Nigerian Civil between 1967-1970. Interestingly, he fought on Both sides of the divide. First with the Federal forces, and on the Biafran divide when he the need arose, to fight for a course he still insist was needless. Little wonder i always wanted to be a solider. Fearless, selfless and fierce.

There were days I listened to stories about the civil war from my dad, I wished I participated. Stories that mostimes would keep me awake constructing war time images.

“The war was needless”, he would say. Despite loosing 9 of his blood siblings during the war to malnutrition, he fought hoping the country would unify once more and normalcy a norm like old times.

 My younger sister Uwa and I would harass him with questions on the number of people he killed during he war. 

” No one died by my bullet”, he would say. “I just shot into thin air hoping it would hit the enemy”. We would protest till he begged to be left alone. Could our dad really have killed someone? Our innocent minds kept enquiring.

Going through his pictures in the army made me jealous. Though in a good way. Handsome, fit and every smiling. He was a soldiers dream.

As a kid, I sometimes imagined myself dying fighting for this country, little wonder each time I see a solider in camouflage, I wonder what might have been. 

Maybe someday I would still wear the camouflage. But this time i dont hope to die fighting. 

Dreams come true afterall. Don’t they?
#ChildHoodDreams. #Legendary Employees.


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