My Kids, and My Ultimate Facebook Themed Wedding 

Most times when am idle, i imagine how my kids would look or who my wife would be. In my day dream,  I wonder if they be 3 or 7. The traditional African man in me tells me 6 would be perfect.

I mean after all my ‘waka’ with these thing called love, its only normal to be anxious to know how it will end eventually. Having been a sweet boy who witnessed a painful transformaion from an emotional  monk,  to a ruthless player. I still hold the children of this world, responsible for this.
Speaking of my kids,  would they be tall like their mum or take after their dad? I reject the second thought. Lol 😜 I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking I am short!  Sighs. Even if I am,  which I pray I am not in your eyes, is it your height? But seriously friends, they better be cuties. They better be worth the wait! After all, beauty runs in my lineage.

Apologies friends. If I don’t blow this proverbial trumpet,  would you epp me?
My kids! Umu oma’m. Would they be dogged like their revolutionary father, or soft, sweet and easy on the eyes like their mum? I prefer they be a mixture of resilience and charm,  because when push comes to shove,  only the dogged would be left standing.

I have always had a dislike for foreign names. *hisses*. Names we have no sentiments and ancestral ties to. Some ‘lawyer’ friends would be quick to point my denial of a befitting foreign name like Osborne, Kelvin,  Raymond… I was named Ezera,  and wouldn’t substitute it for an Obama or Trump. Trump!  Really? Just kidding.

Well, until I see a man from Scotland by the name Ebuka Obi, Olumba Kelechi Chidinma Anya, Leeka Opoke, ‘forgerrit’ it’s a no go area dear future wife. A remix like Samuel Clinton, Solomon Sasologh Agu, Lydia Ume though appealing, won’t work. ‘KOLE WERK‘. Keeping it real with sweet Hausa and Igbo names would do.
Hallelujah ! I hear the spirit whispering Chimamanda,  Hadiza,  Abdulmalik , Ezera Jnr, Kalu, Bala,  Chika,  Somtochukwu or even Danjuma..
On the issue of complexion , would they be ebony and lovely like their mum, or be ‘black Americans’ like their dad? The one and only ‘black American’. *Haters can say what they like* I know who I am and no one can convince me otherwise.
Nonetheless, one assurance I have, is that my wife would be chosen from my Facebook friends.  Pause. Imagine yours truly having the ultimate wedding party flanked by a representative of Oga Mark Zukerberg, and an army of ‘aseobis’ from our friend list.

The only problem is my mum is on my friends list,  and having her take the group photograph with the ‘Couples Facebook Friends’ would be awkward.
Till then , let me keep dreaming of my kids, my future wife, and our ultimate Facebook Themed Wedding (FTW).


5 thoughts on “My Kids, and My Ultimate Facebook Themed Wedding 

  1. The Mallam are you planning to have 2 sets of triplets?👍

  2. Well, I love imagination.. In fact ,you can picture and feature your self in the future you desire and if the power of your imagination is fueled with faith and effectual prayer , you will surely record testimonies.
    I am proudly African, I love my name because it has opened great doors for me,don’t ask me because I won’t tell you it opened Dangote’s door did I just say that or whispered that… Where you are in the world, don’t forget where you hail from and be proud of who you are and what you are privilege to have.
    I emphasize on steadfastness… Dreams do come through just believe it and receive it.
    TA .2017.

  3. Thanks for carrying me thru in ur thoughts. They’re not outrageous, at least even me can relate bcos I smiled thru it all.
    Our dear, I can’t wait hope to see you soon.

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