I Remember

​I Remember.

I remember the days of letter writing
Days when it took days, weeks, sometimes forever to get your thoughts across.
I remember the days of Pen Pals
Coloured writing pad

Fancy pens

And rehearsals to write like a keyboard.
I remember the long wait for a reply
Wait for the postman’s beacon

Hoping the letters were from known destinations 

Abuloma preferably!
I remember FGGC Abuloma
Federal Government Girls College

I remember Port Harcourt
I remember Onyinye Omiri

My pen pal of life

How her letters made me smile like Kojo

And walk like Mensah.

I remember my heart racing
Faster than Hamilton of Formular 1

And devouring her letters like Dracular.

Sucking every bit of its content.

I remember Ojimba Kingsley Charles
How we met secretly like cabals in Nigeria

To decide who next to be our pen pal.

I remember when life was simple
When you meant words you said

And said words you meant.

Lets toast to my generation
We had fun with the pen and paper

Were devoid of data

Of WiFi and social media

Yet we were content and we lived.

Mallam Ezera Emetu.


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