Sometimes, it is easy to give a brilliant excuse, than to get the work done. 
Time and time again, people have crafted intelligent excuses to avoid reprimand. But how long do we intend to make up excuses rather than taking responsibility for what life throws at us?

I grew up having difficulty in speech. Since I stuttered, I developed a complex, and felt less of who I was. Always in awe how kids conversed like the speed of a typewriter. And wondering if I would ever mutter words without been jeered or mimicked.

Luckly, no man is born perfect or without LIDS.  LIDS serve as a  reminder that no man except the creator is perfect.

LIDS are natural limitations we have no power over. Some, are as a result of circumstances we may have had power over. Circumstances we choose excuse over action. 

LIDS are limitations at their very best. They are powerful, make no mistake about that. Capable of preparing you for life or throwing you completely off course. 

Famous Nigerian actors Chinedu and Osite Iheme better know as  ‘Aki’ and ‘Paw Paw’ are the greatest examples of natural LIDS. 

Ever imagined how many times they had been taunted and told off while growing up? Ever imagined their confidence level as men in kids apparel? Life could truly unfair! 

They could have been forgiven if they resigned to fate and threw the biggest joint self pity party, or chose blame rather acceptance. LIDS!  

Luckily, they believed. They fought and are regarded highly across the globe. The power of LIDS!

What is your favourite excuse? What has held you down?
Poverty? Background? Location?

Fela Durotoye once said, “your background has no right to put your back on the ground.” Those words have stayed with me till this date.

Here are few classic examples of people who chose Action over excuses.



  • Acceptance is the first indication to breaking free from LIDS. Accept who or what you are. Its difficult but, it helps you digest the truth.
  • Have a plan. Don’t sit around waiting for a Messiah, a destiny helper.
  • Act on your plan. There is always a chance of survival.
  • Persevere. Hanging on would break you, test how much you want it, but you are stronger. Believe me.
  • Reap your reward.
  • Stay humble.
  • Lift others.

Moses in the Bible, had every reason to decline the offer to deliver a Israel out of captivity. You carry a generational mandate. You can’t afford to fail. Stop looking for excuses, and start experimenting solutions.

Photo Credit: Mind Blowing Facts.

Mallam Ezera Emetu is a Life Coach, Founder Talk Factory Media, Social Commentator and Friend of God.


7 thoughts on “LIDS

  1. Welldone bro… what a way to summarize crispy tips to success. Additionally i think we should always include the God factor in great articles like this.

  2. Nice piece,i feel very encouraged..thank you.

  3. Great piece sir. Am highly inspired. Thanks

  4. This is inspiring. Thank you.

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