Diego Frazao Torquato

​I came across a powerful picture that told a heartbreaking story  of a boy from Brazil named Diego ‘Violin’ Torquato. 1997- Apri 1, 2010.

Diego was part of the violin’s string orchestra named Afroreggae which became asymbol of hope” for the fight against leukemia and indignation against the crime.

Sadly, Diego contracted meningitis at age four, aggravated by pneumonia, and struggled with memory difficulties. He still managed to learn the violin. Diego, born and raised in the slums of Parada de Lucas, dreamed that the violin would take him to see the world. Sadly, shortly after this photo was taken Diego died of leukemia. 

The occasion which this picture was taken, was the funeral of his social project coordinator, Evandro João Silva, who was murdered in downtown Rio. 

Diego defiled the odds to play at the funeral of a man who gave him hope and took him off the dangerous streets of Brazil.

The newspaper O Globo reported the image “as one of the most exciting in recent memory”. 

Diego participated in the workshops of the group in Parada de Lucas and became the star of the orchestra’s string orchestra Afroreggae, an NGO that works to combat the trafficking of young people. 
In December 2009, he participated in the campaign to end years of Rede Globo. 

He was appointed in 2010 to Make a Difference Award from the newspaper O Globo. 
His childhood was marked by an environment involved in crime and disease, of which the last one led to the hospitalization of 24 days, where he suffered a massive infection after appendix surgery which led to the aggravation of the case. 
During this period, he was also admitted to hospital with acute leukemia Saracuruna but could not do chemotherapy at risk of the procedure. He depended on the help of machines to regulate blood pressure and had a cardiac arrest. Shortly after he died.

At Diego’s funeral José Júnior, the coordinator of Afroreggae stated,

I think the legacy of Diego is hope, it is the willingness to change, to transform“.

How will the world remember you?

What is your greatest legacy? 

Like Diego, life is an unfair play gound full of bullies an challenges. Yiu either get rolled over. Or you stand and fight back. Diego chise to fight back and continues to inspire millions around the world.

Live to Inspire!


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