Patriot or Citizen?

​If only Nigerian youths can show half of the commitment, passion and enthusiasm they show to Big Brother Nigeria and their contestants, the country would be great again.

Yesterday, I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of the much talked about show in a bar I usually watch football matches. 

To my surprised, the bar full to capacity but silent. I imagined Barca’s match had kicked off, but on seeing the undivided concentration on the faces of the gentlemen, Was Messi shot on the pitch? I feared the worst. To my amusement, Big Brother Niaja was been televised! Holy Kunle! BBN!

I settled on a seat near by. It took me 5 minutes to be abreast of past episodes. A young man who sat few seats away proudly gave us a detailed recap from day 1 to the applause of the audience. Ebuka Obi and Payporte must have been proud of him. You can bet I left few minutes later.

Watching Big Brother Nigeria, Football, Zee World is not a criminal offence by law, but i only wonder why same passion isn’t matched in national discuss.

The average Nigerian youth spends more time and resources on social media and other frivolities than on things that actually matter. 

How do you defend having more apps than more news related outfits on your device? How do you understand a social media generation, who are obsessed with likes and comments than important discuss? 

How many youths follow elected members of their constituencies on social media to? Fear not, Kim Kardashan, Nicki Minaj, Ronaldo, Justine Bieber, Zee World fill that gap. Patriot or Citizen?
Last week, a hard working young Jumia delivery officer tragically lost his life to thieves and cold blooded Nigerian youths who wanted Iphones they didn’t work for. Why kill a man who upholds dignity in labour, and in search for a legitimate living? 

How about the recent attacks on Nigerian youths in India? Youths like you and I.  As expected, the Nigerian youth kept mute, but thanks to bloggers it would have gone unnoticed.

Rather than demand for justice, resources and productivity is channeled to canvassing for support for  TBoss, Efe, Bisola, et al.  Patriot or Citizens? Our founding fathers did not die for this.

Rather than show solidarity with the slain Nigerian youth, who was one of us, we preoccupied our minds with the #KeeptheChangeBae euphoria, while the men in agbada were keen on a certificate drama from their chambers. 
How can we be taken seriously by the older generation when they can easily distract us?  Patriot or Citizens?

The Nigerian youth loves to follow the trend, rather than set the trend.

              -Mallam Ezera Emetu

Sad to admit, the Nigerian youth is more of a citizen than a Patriot. 

A citizen feels entitled, a patriot feels responsible for his country. We must graduate with distinction from being citizens to patriots, and cease being a social media generation only revelant on social media space.

We must take a hard look in the mirror and see why this country has failed our generation. Every generation negotiates terms and conditions they get, we must do same and cut a better deal. 
The internet would always be there. We fail Nigeria and posterity if we elect not to unite and fight the common enemy, ourselves. I hope we do better and become Patriots and Citizens on the lips of generations to come.

I have elected to be a Patriot. What have you elected to be?
Mallam Ezera Emetu.

Social Commentator, Active Patriot and Citizen


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