Nigeriabridalbook is a location-based responsive Web Application that facilitate business between wedding vendors and those planning weddings and other events, resulting in hassle-free occasions. With focus on Nigeria, for now, the above is done through the following three processes. 

Find the best wedding professionals/vendors at a price that’s right for you through

1.  Explore Vendors and Make Requests on the site 

Within hours of telling us through free SMS from the App what you need, you’ll receive proposals from several local professionals ready to help make your big day a success. 

2. Compare Proposals 

You will be guided by the personalized messages, vendors profile, customers reviews, portfolio of work, etc 

3. Hire the Right Vendor 

When you are ready, hire the right vendor at price right for you and your budget.


1. Prospective clients visiting the site can send free SMS to vendors or Admin to facilitate response.

2. Personal Product/Service photo gallery for Vendors 

3. Vendors have their own individual page setup to market their business. 

4. Product/Service Reviews and appraisal from clients help vendors business opportunities. 

5. Social media vendor profile broadcast capabilities. 

6. Vendors are able to manage their Profile/Account themselves 

7. Nigeriabridalbook management team facilitate job winning opportunities 

8. The App is responsive in the sense that it’s both a Web App and Mobile App. 

9. The App was designed and developed, and is also managed by SoftCode Technologies, a software company that has a proven track record in Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation. 

10. The App was built, designed and implemented with the best website practices and with every party involved in mind! 

11. Vendors have options on the plan to operate on. 

 Vendors can register for business participation on any of the two Plans: 

1. Handee; Under this Plan, as a Vendor, you are given the opportunity to 

Get a space and participate free of charge 

Let Nigeriabridalbook win jobs and hand over unto you. 

Pay a service charge of 10% of contract sum when Nigeriabridalbook gives you a real job.

Grow your business 

2. Expro; under this plan, as a vendor, you are given the opportunity to 

Get deals directly from prospective clients 

Rent a space on the site for a renewable fee of N10,000 per six months 

Get jobs without service charges 

Grow your business 

Viability Test: 

For the past 5 months Nigeriabridalbook has been on probational operation within the social media bounds, where it has recorded the following feats: 9000 Facebook likes, 13,000 Instagram excited followers and some 2,000 Twitter followers. It have featured more than 500 advert. 


Facebook Page: Nigeriabridalbook 

Facebook Account: Bridalbook NG 

Twitter Handle; NigeriaBridalBook 

Instagram; Nigeriabridalbook 

Whatsapp; 09064899524

Call: 08034047126

Date for online launch: Saturday, 22 July 2017

Parent Company; EcheMedia Technologies & Management Systems 

Address: Suit 16, Netona Plaza, 17 Elelenwo Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Diary of a lonely extrovert

Behind every radiating smile, is a shadow looming within.-Ezera Emetu.

I became a mixture of the rare introvert/extrovert specie many years ago when I made a drastic decision to get rid of my friends and be loyal to my future. It paid off, but had consequences thanks to long spells of loneliness and depression.
Being a lonely extrovert demands lots of efforts to smile and be in good company in public, when inwardly you feel miserable and in need of a heart to reach out to. It becomes even more complicated when people run to you for succour, run to you for strength and motivation. How can you possibly fail them? How can you display weakness when you represent a symbol of strength?

Few days ago, Chester Bennington, the Linkin Park lead singer, died of suspected suicide aged 41. A man who gave millions a reason to live opted for the easy way!  
He had everything billions in the world pray and fast each say for a percent. Money, fame, power and what have you. So  why then did he end everything?

His death and many more to come shows we all fight numerous unseen battles. Noiseless battles with loud consequences. Battles of life and death, love and hate, strength and weakness, battles that determine the choice to live or die.

Sometimes loneliness comes not from that lack of company or affection, but the fear of failing in life. The fear you may never live the dreams in you. Dreams that mean the world to you.
Of late, I have been more depressed than I have smiled. The past one year has been the worst part of my life so far. 
My Faith has been questioned. 

My patience stretched beyond her.limits.

My spirit has been near broken. But I hold on, expecting God to show up.

There are days I wish to just end everything and take a walk. There are days I get to depressed I wish I could wake in a coma.

Outwardly, I seem a very jolly fellow. But within I hurt and wonder when it will all end.
But then, there are millions like me out there with worse experiences. Experiences that make mine look like a headache.  Millions who wake up with suicidal thoughts but lack the courage to take a walk. Millions who have lost the will to live and believe again. Millions who are lonely extroverts. Millions in need of a change. Will it ever come?

We keep believing and hoping that someday the closed door will be broken or the building razed down.

That someday we will toast to a better life and laugh hard at our anxieties. I will keep fighting till there is no air left. Hope you do same!

Warm regards from a Lonely Extrovert®