7 years 10 Missed Calls

It was a Saturday 6th of November, 2010 and I had been at a friends room in my compound at the University of Nigeria Nsukka chatting to the Sunny, halcyon looking nothing out of the ordinary day.


In the mist of the usual male tittle-tattle, I suddenly became restless. What could be wrong? My phone? Had someone broken into my room? I made a quick dash. A quick scan reassured me everything Continue reading


​The Racket In Nigerian Peace Corps

The reported financial irregularities in the recruitment of members into the Nigerian Peace Corps (NPC) is very disturbing, especially for an organisation that is yet to assume full legal status. It should be investigated. Although the organisation has denied it, reports indicate that prospective members seeking recruitment into the NPC are being asked to pay as much as N100,000 for enlistment,in addition to sundry other payments to cover aspects of recruitment.

The need for prompt investigation is imperative because Continue reading

Letter to an Ex Corper

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